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Temple IV in Tikal.

Also known as the Temple of the Serpent Doubleheaded, Guatemala’s biggest attraction constitutes one of the most emblematic structures of the Mayan civilization. The temple was built during the reign of Yik’in Chan Ka’wil, the number 27 ruler of the city dynasty around 741 D. This ruler’s victories over other kingdoms located to the east […]


Festivals in Guatemala

In Guatemala, for its religious tradition, it is celebrated in each of its municipalities the Titular party or patron feast. This takes place in the week of veneration of the saint or patron saint of each municipality and boom in the particular day with rest for that day, performing special celebrations. For the city of […]


Major airports

International airports are three, in addition to others for national use. La Aurora International Airport is the largest in the country. Serves Guatemala city. The Manuel Estrada Cabrera International Airport of the city of Quetzaltenango, located in Guatemala, serves the city of Quetzaltenango, and the air of Central America, and South America, and western Guatemala. […]


Semuc Champey

SEMUC Champey was declared in 1999 Natural Monument by the then President of the Republic of Guatemala, Álvaro Arzú Irigoyen and it is very close geographically to the national Park Grutas de Lanquín with which it shares a center of visitors to give Tourist coverage. It is a natural enclave located near the Guatemalan municipality […]


Xetulul Amusement Park. Guatemala.

Xetulul is a theme park in Guatemala. It is located in the Department of Retalhuleu, in the southwestern part of the country. Inaugurated in 2002, it is the third largest amusement park in Latin America, after Beto Carrero World in Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil and SIX flags Mexico near Mexico City, Mexico. Xetutul is associated […]


Lake Atitlan.

Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and perhaps, all over Central America. The word “Atitlán” translates as among the waters and it is a lake of volcanic origin that nowadays is surrounded by villages of all kinds that for decades attract all the travelers who are encouraged to know Guatemala. […]