Festivals in Guatemala

Easter in Guatemala.

In Guatemala, for its religious tradition, it is celebrated in each of its municipalities the Titular party or patron feast. This takes place in the week of veneration of the saint or patron saint of each municipality and boom in the particular day with rest for that day, performing special celebrations. For the city of Guatemala, for example, it is August 15th in honor of the Virgen de la Asunción.

Easter in Guatemala is a holiday of great artistic value, in addition to religious fervor. The largest processions are made in Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City. In these, in addition to the beauty of the walks, the settlers are organized to make rugs which are the biggest attraction of this celebration due to their artistic details that are characteristic of Guatemala and in turn, attract tourists who observe the Detailed elaboration of these. The rugs are made of sawdust, fruits, flowers and different materials, which are an expression of faith and color. In Huehuetenango and other populations of the country, the representation of the Passion of Christ Live is called attention.