Paseo Cayalá.

Paseo Cayalá. Guatemala.

About 11 kilometres from Guatemala City, the route finally runs into imposing white stucco walls, a huge iron gate behind which there is another city. Cayalá City is a destination where you can enjoy nature, the comforts of modern life, with access to various buildings for religious, cultural and recreational activities of the community. Here reigns silence, which contrasts with the noise of horns and band music that thunder in all corners and buses in Guatemala city. Visitors drink hot chocolate and lattes while they see stained glass.

The design of this city is based on the concept of classical urbanism where the planning of the city is based on the needs of the inhabitants. The roofs of Red gables have vaults. Residents enjoy cappuccinos and lattes under the umbrella of Red parasols, in comfortable silver-colored coffee chairs along a cobblestone street. Ciudad Cayalá means paradise in Cakchiquel, an appropriate name for this city that is located in the midst of two ecological reserves of 60 blocks of land and were donated by Grupo Cayalá more than two decades ago.

City Cayalá. Guatemala.

It pretends to be a neo-urbanist city within Guatemala City. The concept of this city is to avoid the use of cars, to have everything close, shops, offices, place of work, church. There are plenty of uniformed private guards, with small earphones in their ears, many of which are mobilized on Segway motorized skateboards. Unlike shopping centers and other stores in the capital, where guards carry rifles, Cayalá carry guns hidden.

It has a Central park with activities for adults and children; As canopy which is the largest in the city of Guatemala.
The 14-hectare Cayalá promenade is the first of these complexes, including houses, boutiques, parks, a church, nightclubs and restaurants, all enclosed in a white wall.

City Cayalá. Guatemala.

In the last 12 months, the small Guatemalan elite began to build the first of a series of projects aimed at creating an independent virtual city on the outskirts of the capital, outside the crime and traffic congestion of the city.

The giant of Cayalá. Guatemala.