Transportation in Guatemala

Transmetro in Guatemala

The Transmetro is a fast transit bus-type public transport system. The service is paid through coins or a smart card type Mifare integrated Guatemalan bus System (follow) in the windlasses that are located in all stations along the route. This is one of the most used roads in cities.

School-type buses for public transport. Guatemala.

The most abundant, especially in the south of the country, are the old school-type buses, in good condition. Only in some sections are saturated with people and is when you have to share seat between 3 people, but generally travel well. In general it is safe to use public transport, but it is true that some routes that lead to Guatemala city (especially east of the capital) and urban routes on the red Buses capital have stories of holdups.

Yellow Cab. Guatemala.

There are three types of taxis, so-called yellow taxis, white taxis and ubers. Yellow cabs have a way of earning profit with a time-based rate system, regardless of distance. With the white cabs it’s different. After agreeing the rate with the customer, they win by getting as fast as possible to their destination, because they win by having a higher frequency of careers. Uber, it’s a new mode of service. Your fee is based on the distance traveled and a small fee for the elapsed time. What’s the best? That depends on the circumstances: the risk, the time and the money you want to invest.

La Aurora International Airport. Guatemala.

International airports are three, in addition to others for national use. La Aurora International Airport is the largest in the country. Serves Guatemala city. The Manuel Estrada Cabrera International Airport of the city of Quetzaltenango, located in Guatemala, serves the city of Quetzaltenango, and the air of Central America, and South America, and western Guatemala. Also known as “Los Altos “, “Xela “, or “Manuel Estrada Cabrera “. Mundo Maya International Airport is one of the largest and most congested airports in Guatemala, after the Aurora, Quetzaltenango Airport and Retahuleu Airport (which is Air Force). It is located 488 km from Guatemala City, in the city of Santa Elena de la Cruz, Department of Petén and serves the central area of the entire department. This airport receives local flights from all over Guatemala, Central America, Mexico and during some times of the United States year.